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Double Layer NC Conveyor Second Hand Corrugated Stacker

Double Layer NC Conveyor Second Hand Corrugated Stacker

Double Layer NC Conveyor Second Hand Corrugated Stacker
Double Layer NC Conveyor Second Hand Corrugated Stacker
Double Layer NC Conveyor Second Hand Corrugated Stacker
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YUSH
Certification: CE
Model Number: NC-D & DM-NC
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 100,000~500,000 per set
Packaging Details: well packaged to loaded in container
Delivery Time: 30~60 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Used Duplex NC Rotary Cut-off, Used Double-layer NC Conveyor Stacker Type: Automatic
Max Model: 2200mm Min Model: 1100mm
Cut Length: 500~9999mm Speed: 120~200m/min
Control: Full Computer Use: Auto Cutting, Collecting, Counting, Stacking And Output Corrugated Cardboard Sheets
High Light:

Conveyor Corrugated Stacker


Double Layer Corrugated Stacker


Second Hand Corrugated Stacker

Used Duplex NC Rotary Cut-off, helical-knife, servo-control, for Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Used NC Double-layer Helical-knife Rotary Cut-off

Technical Parameters:


1) Uses the independent oil pump and the filter coordinates two groups of copper tubes to distribute in various gears position for the oil, the lubrication and cooling.
2) Helical knife structure, type saw tooth knife, decrease cutting obstruction, low noise.
3) Balance treatment: high quality alloy steel, for blade shaft, which helps to keep it good stability.
4) Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and the rear conveyer. The transporting is stable and with even pressure, which avoid jam caused or broken cardboard.
5) This type of Cut-off just consume the one of third energy compare with the common cutter with its especial structure, economize above 70% energy to get more money.
6) Exact and adjustable on gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly. Running balanceable.
7) Computer system to keep order. Man-machine conversation system NC. Automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specification and matching.

8) The screen displays various production messages. Can consult, modification, super addition and cancel order during running machine.

9) Double layer cut corrugated cardboard to sheets at different length at same time.

10) Tow layer independent control and driving system, combined in one machine, to save space.


Technical Parameters:


Max Effective Width 1100~2500mm
Cutting Length 500~9999mm
Cutting Precision ±1.0mm
Design Speed 100~250m/min
Working Speed 80~220m/min
Remarks Need Double-layer Stacker to fit Duplex Cut-off machine



Used Double-layer NC Conveyor Stacker, to fit duplex cut-off, for Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Used Double-layer NC Conveyor Stacker

Technical Parameters:


1) Automatic sheet stacking and side delivery.

2) Simplex or duplex down stacker structure.

3) Hydraulic servo valve control of elevator deck, ensure stable and quickly stacking.

4) Conveyor belt keeping synchronous with production line speed, keep stacking stable.

5) PLC control system to follow production line speed , delivery paper sheet, control elevator deck up and down, control back stop positioning clapboard to achieved automatic order change.

6) Adopt fiberglass brush press paperboard, and according to paperboard length adjust pressure. Exit of paper sheet delivery with press brush, anti-excursion and guide paper sheet correct delivery.

7) Subsection independent driver by AC frequency conversion motor, automatic follow production speed of production line, ensure stable and quickly stacking.
8) This machine can be connect with production management system to achieved order change and order management.

9) Adopt man-machine conversation and touch screen display, easy operation.
10) Automatic clapboard setting for sheet length, and automatic paper sheet side delivery.

11) Double-layer Stacker to work with NC Duplex Cut-off Machine.


Technical Parameters:

Max Effective Width 1100~2500mm
Max Stacking Length 3000mm
Max Stacking Height 300mm
Design Speed 100~250m/min
Working Speed 80~220m/min
Remarks Double-layer Stacker to fit NC Duplex Cut-off machine

used Corrugator Line, 3/5/7-layer, various flute type, low-medium-high speed

used 3/5/7-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
We mainly making brand-new machines, also help customers to find used machines if wanted!

1) 2/3/5/7-layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line consists of the following machines, Electrical or Hydrualic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand, Automatic Splicer, Single Preheater, Fingerless type Single Facer Corrugator, Overhead Conveyor Bridge, Duplex or Triplex Preheater, Single or Duplex Gluer, Double Facer, NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer, NC Rotary Cut-off, Up or Down Conveyor & Stacker, etc.

2) Kraft Paper Reel to be corrugated and glue by Corn Starch Gum, continuously produce, slit, crease & cut to 2/3/5/7-layer Corrugated Cardboard Sheet, and then conveyor, stack and output.

3) The production line has rational structure design, advanced producing flow, high efficiency, strong batch adjustability, easy operation, etc. good work conditions.

4) It is the ideal and perfect equipment for corrugated cardboard and carton box factories.


Technical Parameters:

Model 3/5/7-layer
Max Effective Width 1100~2500mm
Design Speed 100~250m/min
Heating Method Steam Heating
Working Speed 80~220m/min
Workshop Suggested 3000~5000sqm
Customer-owned Parts Steam Boiler, Pipeline, Wireline, Air Compressor, etc. 

Machine List:

Item Model WJ-I WJ-II WJ-III
Description 3-layer 5-layer 7-layer
1 Shaftless Paper Roll Stand 3 5 7
2 Track Rail & Paper Roll Trolley 6 10 14
3 Auto Splicer 3 5 7
4 Single Preheater 2 4 6
5 Single Facer Corrugator 1 2 3
6 Overhead Conveyor Bridge 1 1 1
7 Multiple Preheater 1 1 1
8 Gluer 1 1 1
9 Double Facer 1 1 1
10 Thin Blade Slitter Scorer 1 1 1
11 NC Helical-knife Cut-off 1 1 1
12 Conveyor Stacker 1 1 1
13 Glue Kitchen System 1 1 1
14 Internal Steam Heating System 1 1 1
15 Electricla Control System 1 1 1
Double Layer NC Conveyor Second Hand Corrugated Stacker 0

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